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In the Connectors section, you can set up and edit data related to your connectors and views within them, create and delete a connector.

To view basic information on your connectors, click Connectors -> Edit Connectors.

This will open the Connectors List window displaying details for each connector: the type of the connected CRM system, name, status, available views, and actions you can take. 

Active views are marked with a green dot, and disabled views are marked with a yellow dot.

Editing Connectors

To edit a connector, click Edit in the Actions column, and in the window that appears, modify the fields as described below and click Save.  



Connector type

The field is non-editable. It shows which CRM system is integrated to Lead Routing. 


Enter the name of your connector. It will be displayed in the graph and views on the dashboard.

Realtime refresh interval

Specify per which interval you want the real-time information on the dashboard updated. By default, it is set to one minute.

Action Period (Hours)

Specify the length of the period (usually, shift duration) for which lead assignment is calculated.

Duplicate Lead Handling

Select how the system should deal with duplicate leads:

Ignore – The lead that already exists in the system will not be processed again.

Keep – If the lead already exists in the system, it will be processed as many times as it is imported and treated as a new lead.

Default Assign Leads Algorithm

Select the algorithm in which leads are assigned to groups of agents within this connector.

Is connector Active?

Select/deselect the check box to switch on/off the connector activity.


In addition to editing the connectors, the following actions are available in the Actions column.

Validate Leads

You can manually run a task to import leads for a connector (validate leads) if some leads from the CRM have not entered the Lead Routing system due to connection issues.

To validate leads for a connector:

  1.  Click More Actions > Validate Leads.
  2. Set a time period by selecting From and To dates in the interactive dropdown calendars. Click on the clock icon to specify the exact time:

    The task will import leads that were modified in the CRM during this period.
  3. Select an option how to handle duplicate leads:
  4. After you click Create task the system will run the validation task.

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