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Lead Routing Overview and Dashboard

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CommPeak Lead Routing, integrated with your CRM system, distributes leads among agents automatically based on rules and assignment algorithms. It helps to control your call center operation and optimize agents’ performance, providing the following:

  • Automatic lead assignment according to filters

  • Possibility to select the lead distribution algorithm

  • Realtime dashboard, refreshing every minute

  • Logging for each action in the system

  • Two-level lead distribution: per group of agents and per agents within a group

How to Log In

CommPeak support team will send you a link and credentials to log in to the platform.

If you forget your password, click Forgot Password? on the login page and then enter your email to receive a reset password link:

Dashboard Description

The Dashboard contains data on agents’ performance at a certain date, displayed in a graph and views. By default, data is shown for the current date, but you can select any other date.

The Dashboard header displays information related to all connectors. It has the following sections:

  • Dashboard Data. It enables you to:

 change the date for which you want to see the information

 refresh data displayed

 delete the cache

To change the date, click the calendar icon and in the drop-down calendar, select the required date. Then click Change Date.

  • Handled Unique Leads – shows the total number of unique leads assigned during the period displayed.
  • Handled Leads – displays the total number of leads assigned during the period displayed, including duplicates.
  • Pending Requests – shows the number of requests waiting to be assigned.

    The graph displays how many leads were assigned to each group of agents per hour at the current or selected date.

    To run the respective report, click -> See Report in the top right corner.

    Views contain leads selected by certain filters and conditions and distributed to groups of agents per assignment algorithms.

    Numbers next to the group name show the quantity of leads the group has been assigned and the ratio or limit of leads assigned to the group.

The Italian Desk group (see the image above) has a ratio of 2:1 against the German Desk group. The number of leads the groups have been assigned so far is 15 and 7, respectively.

If you click the name of any group under the chart, you’ll see a similar chart for the group, with leads within the group distributed per agent. 

To see a report for the view or edit groups, click  in the top right corner of the view and select the appropriate option.

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