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To see details of all the views within a connector, go to Connectors and in the menu that expands, click the connector name under Connector Views.


You can also access this window from Connectors List by clicking All Views in the Actions column.

Creating a New View

To create a new view:

  1. Click Add New View. A line for the new view will appear.
  2. Enter the view name.
  3. Set the assignment algorithm, per connector or per view:
  • To leave the previously made setup per connector, select Connector Default in the drop-down list.
  • To set up a different algorithm for the view, select one of the other options, which are the same as for the connector.


To set or reset the Ratio algorithm, select the Reset checkbox before saving your changes.

The box next to it shows the date and time of ratio updating.

Click the arrow button to expand the view settings.

Set filters for the leads to be assigned to this view.
For each filter, click Add New Filter Line and fill the line according to your needs. 

Add groups to be included in this view.
Click Add New Group and specify the ratio and name for each group. 

Add agents to each group. 

  1. Click Edit Actions on the needed line. 
  2. In the window that opens, click Add New Action -> Add New Update. 
  3. Select the appropriate user next to Owner ID. 
  4. Repeat the steps above for each agent you want to add. 
  5. After you have added agents to the group, set the ratio/limit for them and click Save.


Lead distribution among agents within a group follows the same algorithm as distribution among groups within a view.

To create a group and set actions for it at once, click Add Group with Actions. You will browse to the New Action Group window.  

Newly created views are disabled by default. To enable a view, toggle the Enabled/Disabled button and click Save. 

To see the list of leads that go to the view, click Preview Leads.

To import all leads available in the CRM system, click Import Leads. Alternatively, you can click Mass Import in the Connectors List window. 

Editing View Groups

To edit groups in an existing view, expand the view in the view list and click Edit View Groups.  

This will open the Action Groups for View window. 



You can access this window directly from the Dashboard by clicking Edit Groups in the top right corner of the respective view.

To make changes inside a group, click Edit on the line and modify necessary fields in the Edit Action Group window.

Changing Group Order

The Order column is used to define the group that will take the lead that meets the criteria for several groups.

To change the order of the groups, just drag the lines and put them in the needed order. The numbers in the Order field will change. Then click Apply Order to save the change.

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