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Why does my phone verification fail?

When creating an account at the CommPeak user portal, during phone verification, you might get the following message:

Your phone verification can be blocked if:

  • The phone number or the country prefix is incorrect

  • The email address you have specified is already attached to an existing CommPeak account 

  • Another account has been created with your phone number or from the same IP address

If possible, try registering with other credentials. 

If it does not help, please contact our support team by creating a support ticket.

Can I download the rates?

Yes, at Pricing -> Voice, click on Download as CSV.

Can I use my wireless/satellite connection?

CommPeak’s termination service will work over any type of Internet connection that has relatively low and stable latency. Wireless Internet connections sometimes suffer from fluctuating latency and packet loss, both of which would cause sub-optimal audio quality. Most satellite Internet connections will have issues with delayed or choppy audio due to the inherent amount of latency.

Our recommendation is that you check the ping times to our POPs. We recommend an Internet connection with ping times below 230ms.

What are the supported codecs?

We support the following codecs: G.729a, G.711u/a, GSM, ADPCM, iLBC

Do you offer termination in every country?

Most definitely! We offer a complete voice termination service in practically every country. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible quality routes and reliable all-around service. For this reason we are the No. 1 choice of termination for VoIP providers, SMBs & enterprises, calling card operators and more business segments.

What is SIP origination/SIP termination?

Call origination refers to calls initiated by a calling party using a telephone exchange of PSTN, and reaching a VoIP endpoint. Call termination refers to the reverse process, whereby a call is initiated by a VoIP caller with a PSTN endpoint. CommPeak proudly offers carrier-grade voice termination, voice or voip origination solution, toll-free DIDs and wholesale SMS, among others.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can use the following payment methods:

In your portal account, you can download autogenerated payment instructions with transaction details for your Customer ID.

Please make sure that you pay all transaction fees. Otherwise, the sum of the fees will be deducted from the original transaction amount.

Which currencies do you accept?

We only accept USD for our services. The exception is SMS, for which we accept both EUR and USD.

Any payment in any other currency will be exchanged to USD and credited based on the exchange rate at the transaction time.

What does billing increment mean?

Billing increment is the way we (and the telecom industry) calculate our rates in order to bill your calls. For example, if you call the Unites States for 10 seconds, you will be charged for 12 seconds (call minimum is 6 seconds, and 2(x)6 seconds since this is a 6 second increment call), instead of the full minute.

If you call Mexico for 10 seconds, you will be charged for 1 whole minute (60 seconds minimum call charge, 60 second increments).

What are the billing increments?

Here are our billing increments by location:

  • USA and Canada: 6 second initial; 6 second increments.
  • Mexico: 60 seconds initial; 60 second increments.
  • Gambia: 60 seconds initial; 1 second increments.

Other countries: 1 seconds initial; 1 second increments.

Can I make some test calls before crediting my account?

Before jumping right in to our free trial, we recommend that you explore our full range of industry-grade A-Z VoIP termination solutions. Once you have registered for your free VoIP trial, you will be given a small amount of credit to test the service ($0.20 USD which gives you approximately 30 call minutes).

What is the smallest amount I can top-up?

There is a minimum top-up value of $25. This minimizes our admin expenses, allowing us to keep rates low.

How do you authenticate SIP calls?

CommPeak supports both IP ACL and password-based authentication. When creating a new account at Setup -> SIP Accounts, you will be able to choose which authentication type you desire per SIP account.

How up to date are the CDRs?

CDR records are accessible through the customer portal and are updated almost instantly, within minutes of call completion.

How can I know if I received a genuine CommPeak email?

Some emails may be sent by imposters who are trying to fake our emails for spam or phishing purposes. 

Please look at the original headers for the email, this will show you the original sender email address where it will be easy to see that the emails are not sent from the official domain. Also, make sure not to open any links in those fraudulent emails and avoid replying or giving any sensitive or financial data.

To report such incidents, forward your emails to us at

To learn more, check How Can I Handle Phishing and Spam Issues?

Why Do I Have Payment Issue with PayPal?

When you select PayPal to top up your Voice or SMS balance in CommPeak User Portal, you may have a payment issue. If your payer email address differs from my.commpeak registration one, you must verify it.

Check your email for a verification code and complete the steps described in the PayPal Payments article.

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