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Why can't I access PBX Stats?

The most common reason why you can be denied access to PBX Stats is that your IP address is not included in the list of allowed ones.  

For information on how to whitelist your IP, please refer to this article‍. 

How can I configure my effective call time?

You can customize the time threshold after which your call is considered effective. By default, it is 150 seconds. Follow these steps to change it:

  1. Go to Configurations —> Admin Page in your PBX Stats.
  2. Click Create New Parameter on the right.
  3. Choose effective_time in the Parameter Name dropdown menu.
  4. Enter the number in seconds in the Parameter Value field. 
  5. Click Save.

Where can I find my API key?

To find your API key in PBX Stats:

  1. Click your name in the top right corner.
  2. Choose My Profile in the dropdown menu.
  3. To see your API key, click Show in the API Key section on the right. If you don't have any and need it, click Get API Key.

Can I access PBX Stats with my Google account?

No, you cannot log in with your Google account. Please use your PBX Stats credentials to access PBX Stats.

How can I change agent names?

You cannot change an agent name in PBX Stats. This is only possible to do at Please check Editing an Agent Name to learn more details. 

Why can’t I talk to an agent when using Whisper?

By default, you are in the listening mode when you connect to a call. To use Whisper, click 5 on the dialpad while you are on the call.

How can I add or remove agents in queues?

In Queue Manager, there are queues displayed next to each agent. All queues that an agent belongs to are already checked. You can add/remove those checkmarks to assign/unassign agents.

Why don’t I receive an incoming call when I try to use Listen or Whisper?

Please follow these steps to receive an incoming call:

  1. Make sure your Internet connection is fine and the softphone is available for calls.
  2. In Realtime, choose an agent that you’d want to listen or talk to and click Actions .
  3. In the pop-up window, enter your user login registered within the softphone.
  4. You’ll receive an incoming call and will be able to listen to it or talk.

Can I give users access to PBX Stats and limit it?

If you have an admin role, you can add different users, assign roles to them, and give or limit access to PBX Stats features.

Where can I find a report to export it?

Please follow these steps to find and export a report:

  1. Click the save icon  next to any statistics in Stats by Queue, Stats by Agent or CDRs. You’ll be redirected to Tasks where reports are generated.
  2. Let the report a moment to be ready.
  3. Click Download next to any task to get the report.

To find more information about saved reports, check Tasks.‍ 

How Can I Change My Time Zone?

The time zone in your profile is set for support and reporting purposes. Taking into account your current time, it will be more convenient for your clients and our support to contact you. Also, all time statistics in your account — and reports consequently — will be shown according to your local time. 

To change your time zone:

  1. Log in to your PBX Stats.
  2. Go to My profile.
  3. Choose the time zone in the dropdown menu.
  4. Click Update.

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