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How do you authenticate SIP calls?

CommPeak supports both IP ACL and password-based authentication. When creating a new account at Setup -> SIP Accounts, you will be able to choose which authentication type you desire per SIP account.

Where is my traffic sent to?

CommPeak SIP Termination is a proxy service. We do not absorb media. Your media is routed directly to the closest demarcation point of the carriers.

Do I have to manage load-balancing or failover across multiple IP addresses?

CommPeak utilizes a virtual IP at each of its POPs for high availability. However, in case the entire local network (AS network) goes down, it may be useful to use multiple POPs for higher redundancy.

Do you support IPSec integration with customers?

We do not support the establishment of IPSec with customers at this point, however, we are planning to offer this in the near future. If you require it, please contact us.

Do you support DNS SRV record?

We only provide DNS A records to point to our SIP proxies. will provide different results based on GeoIP lookup.

Do you support any SIP TLS/SRTP encryption methods?

CommPeak currently supports SIP TLS and SRTP.

Is Asterisk supported?

Any SIP compatible software or hardware is supported including Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, OpenSIPS, Snom, Linksys, 3CX, FreePBX, Trixbox, Cisco, eyeBeam, Bria, Zoiper, and many more.

What are CommPeak's SIP proxy addresses?

CommPeak has a large network of globally distributed POPs. We recommend making a ping test from your own network where the media servers are located to find the closest POP to your network:


You can always use which will attempt to determine the POP that is closest to you.

Due to technical limitations, it will not always return the best results for you. We are aware that not all SIP proxies support the DNS-based configuration of peers, which is why we will notify you via email in case we plan to change an IP address for a POP. However, we strongly advise using DNS-based configuration if possible.



For the list of CommPeak's IP addresses, you can refer to this article: CommPeak's IP Address Ranges‍ 

Can I use my wireless/satellite connection?

CommPeak’s termination service will work over any type of Internet connection that has relatively low and stable latency. Wireless Internet connections sometimes suffer from fluctuating latency and packet loss, both of which would cause sub-optimal audio quality. Most satellite Internet connections will have issues with delayed or choppy audio due to the inherent amount of latency.

Our recommendation is that you check the ping times to our POPs. We recommend an Internet connection with ping times below 230ms.

What codec should I use?

For best sound quality and, assuming you have the bandwidth available, we recommend G.711u. However, you can still maintain an excellent voice quality and lower bandwidth usage with codecs such as G.729.

Do you have a VoIP reseller program?

Yes! CommPeak is happy to offer a rewarding partners program where IT professionals can join as VoIP reseller, VoIP carrier or VoIP provider.

Make use of our carrier-grade VOIP service and call quality to create a residual business for yourself!

Why do some of my inbound VoIP calls end up on Viber?

You may receive inbound calls via Viber if the Viber-In Calls feature is enabled in your application. This feature lets users have incoming calls with Viber when possible. 

If for some reasons you don’t want to receive calls on Viber, it is easy to disable Viber-In Calls:

  1. Go to Settings —> Calls and Messages in your application.
  2. Click the Viber-In Calls toggle to disable it.

What are CommPeak's IP addresses?

You can find the list of CommPeak's current IP ranges in this article: CommPeak's IP Address Ranges‍ 

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